Friday, September 16, 2011

Baby Capri is here!!!

Born August 31st at 2:24pm. She was 6.13 LBS and 19" long. My Doctor broke my water at 1:00 and I started having strong contractions about 15 minutes later. They upped my epidural and left. Another 15 minutes went by and my body wanted to push with each contraction. I told Ty to get the nurse because it was time! The nurse came to check the progress and the baby's head was already there! The Doctor took forever to get there or so it seemed. I was told to pretty much "cross my legs" until he got there. Very hard to do. Tyler got to deliver her. One push and she was out on my belly. My first thoughts were: "I can't believe how tiny you look, She is so cute and looks EXACTLY LIKE THE OTHERS, she is mine, I love her....."